Crowd Management

NRF's Crowd Management Guidelines

NRF’s Loss Prevention community has released its 2013 Effective Crowd Management Guidelines to address what retail stores and shopping centers should be prepared for when managing large crowds. In anticipation of what is expected to be one of the busiest holiday shopping season in years – in particular Thanksgiving night and Black Friday weekend – the report can assist retailers in planning advanced measures to protect their stores, customers and employee.  Learn more.

Multiple Offender Crimes/Criminal Flash Mobs
Criminal flash mobs are phenomena that are continuing to gain media attention. As these types of events cause sudden crowding in areas within stores and malls, guidelines and considerations for these types of occurrences are available to complement/incorporate into existing crowd management guidelines. More...

Civil Disturbance
Large crowds descend for many reasons – planned and unplanned events, however some converge for protests or rallies such as the Occupy Wall Street or World Bank/IMF protests. Items to consider in a crowd management policy regarding civil disturbances are located here. More...