LP Topics

Loss prevention covers a wide variety of areas for the retail industry - from organized retail crime to personal safety. Explore some of these topics here.

Active Shooter
As active shooters and shooting incidents are an unfortunate reality in public spaces and retail locations, retailers, mall management and law enforcement worked together alongside the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to compile guidelines and protocols on how to respond to an active shooter incident.
Crowd Management
Special events and promotional sales are part of the business for retailers. Managing the crowds they attracts is critical to a successful event. Guidelines have been created to assist retailers plan for the expected and unexpected when it comes to managing large crowds.
Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) offers a wide variety of resources for all retailers – from the independent operator to the multinational organization. From alerts and e-updates to table top exercises and workshops, the information available is robust and covers many topics.
Disaster Preparedness Disaster Preparedness
Natural disasters and human-caused hazards can strike without warning. This comprehensive list of government resources enables retailers to set a proactive plan to prepare for these crises, and includes appropriate response mechanisms written by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and other government agencies.
Multiple Offender Crimes/ Criminal Flash Mobs
Multiple Offender Crimes have long been an issue for retailers, 97% of retailers report being a victim of these crimes.  And, the proliferation of social media, criminal flash mobs have evolved and have become a serious problem for retailers. Guidelines are available for retailers to consider incorporate into existing policies.
Organized Retail Crime
Organized Retail Crime is a serious issue that costs retailers $15-$30 billion each year. Ninety-five percent (94.5%) of retailers report being victimized so several resources have been created.
Personal Safety
Retailers, shopping center and security professionals work to ensure safe shopping/work environments for customers, associates and service providers. Safety guidelines have been created to provide common sense tips on maintaining personal safety while shopping or conducting business.
Return Fraud
Retailers estimated return fraud at more than $14 billion during 2011 through NRF’s annual Return Fraud Survey. This benchmark is one of the most widely utilized data and helps retailers set or adjust their return policy.