Organized Retail Crime

Retailers say organized retail crimes have increased in the past three years

Based on retailers’ accounts within NRF’s ninth annual Organized Retail Crime Survey, a whopping 94% say they have been victims of organized retail crime within the past year. This year’s survey also shows that criminal patterns are becoming more violent. Retailers report that, on average, two in 10 apprehensions related to ORC lead to some level of violence or confrontation. As criminals become more calculated in their ways, retailers this year report that organized crime gangs are also finding ways to profit from stolen merchandise on the store merchandise/gift card front. Explore NRF’s 2013 Organized Retail Crime Survey.

A Record 96% of Retailers Say They Were Victims of Organized Retail Crime in 2012
NRF’s latest ORC survey finds almost no retailer is immune to organized retail crime. Senior loss prevention executives at companies nationwide took part in the eighth annual survey.

Laying the groundwork to build solid ORC cases
Senior CVS/Caremark executive, Tony Sheppard, Fulton County Georgia’s Senior Assistant Attorney, Sharla Jackson and Houston Department of Justice representative, Kebharu Smith provide an in-depth look into how organized retail crime boosters and fencers steal billions of dollars from retailers every year.

Cargo at rest is cargo at risk: Tips for minimizing theft
The FBI estimates cargo theft amounts to anywhere between $15 to $30 billion dollars a year, and NRF’s latest organized retail crime survey found more than half of the retailers surveyed had been victims of cargo theft. Chris Zook, senior manager of global security at Con-Way, Inc. explains how his investigation of high value thefts uncovered that organized criminals were staking out, and then stealing large amounts of, merchandise from distribution centers.


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